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Syrian Refugee Crisis and Refugee Arrival in Canada

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

The conflict in Syria is now in its sixth year, leading to one of the most serious and daunting humanitarian crises in decades. With limited prospects for an immediate end of the conflict, Syrians are growing increasingly vulnerable as their savings are exhausted and their assets are liquidated.

Constant, deadly conflict is destroying lives, families, and communities. Half the country’s population is now dependent on humanitarian assistance. Eight million people are also displaced within Syria while close to four million Syrians have fled to neighbouring countries.

Nearly 2 million Syrians are estimated to have fled to Turkey, while 1.2 million have gone to Lebanon, another 625,000 have sought refuge in Jordan, and 245,000 went to Iraq.

This refugee crisis stretches well beyond the Middle East with European nations in particular struggling to cope with the influx of tens of thousands of desperate and vulnerable children, women, and men - from Syria and elsewhere.

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